About: Facts and Other Fairy Tales

Reality: Enjoy the Journey

As I started this blog, I said that I didn’t have a grand mission other than to post things that I find annoying, interesting, etc. etc. That’s not exactly true. I do have a mission — to create a space safe from the anti-intellectualism, made up crap, and lunacy of the world around us for anyone who’s interested in sharing their ideas, things that strike them as interesting/ funny/ or worthy of discussion. That is, in the most optimistic sense, create a place for thinking people. We live in an absurd world and the more that we point out and respond to the absurdity, no matter its form, I think the more that it reminds us that we’re not the only ones out there who has a ‘what the hell?’ kind of response to the people, policies, and events around us.

On that note, this is a blog for adults so if you can’t handle adult topics (no, there’s no porn) and language this probably isn’t worth your time to read. If you’re a hater, this most assuredly isn’t worth your time (yes, I am in tolerant of haters). If you’re one of the sheep who only pays attention to Fox News (insert appropriate Murdock publication/media source from around the globe) this definitely isn’t the blog for you. Finally, if you’re so dogmatic that someone who merely disagrees with your opinion is “wrong” then this also isn’t the blog for you.

If you have something to say and want a place to sometimes express it — I’m happy to have ‘guest’ posts. I don’t have to agree with your viewpoint to find it interesting and I’m not going to edit them. If you’re interested, just let me know and you can backchannel me any posts that you want me to put up — just have a headline, byline, quick couple of lines about you (include a photo and further contact information if you’d like), and then let me know if there are any links (and include them) that you want posted in the blog and there it will be.  My caveat is the same as my caveat below for any responses to posts — don’t flame and don’t bs. Ok — that and I won’t post anything that I find repugnant.

I really hope that sometimes folks post, respond, or engage, but I do have two rules. One — don’t flame people… disagree with ideas, beliefs, and opinions but don’t be a douche and use ad hominem attacks. Two — don’t make shit up — we’re not all entitled to our own opinions — opinions should only come from grounded information that you have reasoned through to some conclusion.  So, I’m really not that interested in yours if they’re based in lies, fabrications, mere talking points, or a general demonstration of ignorance. You’ll find that outside of stuff I find funny I use sources… you should too if you want to talk about current events and politics.

That’s why I’m writing, so let me tell you about who I am and you can decide whether you’re interested…

My name is Audra, I have a Ph.D.,  and I study crises.  More specifically, I study the messages that organizations use to try to manage the media and other people or groups with a vested interest in the situation or the organization (i.e., stakeholders). So, analyzing ‘persuasion’, the media, current events, and the general craziness in our world isn’t just a passing interest, it’s what I do for a living.

Yes, I work in academia and dammit that means that I’ve worked my ass off and have a mortgage on my mind. I will not apologize for that or hide from it. I’m exhausted by the anti-intellectualism rampant in the United States.  We are academics because we’re interested in knowledge not because we have some ridiculous monolithic liberal agenda to usurp all that “real Uh-mur-icans” hold dear.

Yes, I happen to be liberal and that does not mean that I am dogmatic in my beliefs. I believe that we should come to our conclusions and world views based on credible and good information, so my beliefs are all subject to change based on the introduction of new information — that’s how we should all be. Blind faith in our positions leads to group think and a whole host of bad stuff (rants for other days).



4 thoughts on “About: Facts and Other Fairy Tales

  1. Fantastic blog. As a non-tenure track (but full time) PhD, I still work mostly 7 days a week to get everything done mostly on time. Your post about the “least stressful job” was spot on. Thank you.


  2. Ah geez, look what you’ve done. You’ve dangled an incredibly interesting blog in my face. I’m up to my ears trying to earn a PhD! I’m working full time (because I must). And now this really interesting blog comes to my attention. What’s a boy to do? I suppose I should scold the colleague who forwarded your post on the perils of faculty employment. Thanks for the enlightenment.


    • Awww…. thanks… best response, bar none. Made me chuckle… now I suppose I should probably discourage you from frittering away your time reading silly rants so that you can more effectively join us in academic bliss (hey, it gives us something to bitch about while we drink).


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