Words cannot describe the NRAs leadership

Reblogged from theatre of the absurd:

I'm watching the NRA news conference and Wayne LaPierre is speaking about what his organization thinks about the Newtown shooting:

(1) In summary, politicians are responsible for school shootings because they create gun free zones and advertise them.

It's a good tactic because politicians have the popularity of dirt. However, it's a rather flawed view of the world. By the NRA's line of reasoning, politicians are responsible for drunk driving because they create and enforce drunk driving laws.

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And yet, are we surprised? The NRA had an opportunity to be reasonable, focus on 'responsible' gun ownership, and address possible solutions to people getting their hands on guns who shouldn't. And they didn't. As an organization, the NRA just hurt 'gun rights' in one news conference because it's pushing people further apart on the issue instead of looking for viable solutions. Well done Wayne LaPierre -- douche of the day!

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