New NASA spacesuit looks an awful lot like Buzz Lightyear

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(WTVR) -   NASA may be taking their next astronaut suit to infinity and beyond. The agency's newest prototype suit looks a lot like the popular Disney character Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

The mostly white suit feature Buzz's signature color prominently: neon green, and even has a large transparent dome similar to buzz.. It's designed for deep space exploration, has flexible joints for better ease of movement and has a rear entry point making it easier for astronauts to take it on or off.

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The substantive changes in the suit (e.g., flexible joints, etc.) seem perfectly sensible, but really? The author is tragically correct -- it looks as close to Buzz Lightyear's suit as I think that it could. But this really inspires a number of questions.... Is NASA trying to inspire excitement about the space program by appealing to an American 'pop cultural' theme? Is NASA full of nerds who need to get a life? Why are we developing suits for deep space exploration anyhow? Oh yeah and one other thing, rear entry? Really? That's just a dirty joke waiting to happen.

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